Cook, Poetry and Short Story Books

My Book Project is a great way for schools/PTAs or community organisations to raise much needed funds whilst encouraging children to develop their writing skills. The finished books are a great way to showcase the children's work and make fantastic presents.

Benefits for the School, PTA and other organisations

Choice of three great book projects. Choose from Cookbook, Short Story or Poetry.

Convenience, as the written and artistic contributions can be created during normal school lessons, no need for extra time outside of school.

Curricular requirements are satisfied along the way in English, Science, Food Technology and PSHE.

Support will be provided throughout your project.

Established team experienced in school fundraising projects (My Art Project).

Fundraise by setting your own retail price, and raise much needed funds towards your important goals.

Easy to run! You will be supplied with everything necessary to run your project successfully.

Benefits for the Pupils and Parents

Fun in the classroom as the pupils create their own written work and artwork.

Development of ideas, possibly experimenting with new ingredients, and sharing with others!

Achievement of seeing their own work presented in a professionally printed book.

Perfect Gift for families and friends, parents can buy as many copies as they wish, and give away as presents.

Contribution to the fundraising efforts of school and PTA’s via the purchase of books.

How it works

Just follow the four easy steps...

Step One

Select your project - Cook Book, Poetry Book or Short Story Book, decide on the amount of pages and print option.

Step Two

Now it’s over to the children to come up with some amazing recipes, poems and stories. These need to be collated, typed up (if not already) and sent to us in either a Word, Text or PDF document. If the children have drawn any pictures, please post originals to us for scanning - don’t worry about layout, we will take care of this for you.

Step Three

We will carefully lay the book out and provide a final proof for you to check and sign off, at this point a final order quantity is agreed.

Step Four

The books are then printed, finished and delivered, ready for you to sell. A final invoice will then be provided.


Products & Prices

The books come in A5 Size (148mm x 210mm) and are available in a standard number of pages including cover (see grids below). All books have a full colour cover, with printed black/white or colour pages throughout. Cookbooks are finished with a laminated cover and are wiro bound. Poetry, Joke & Short Story books have a standard cover and will be stapled.

Click below to view some examples

cookbooks price list

story book price list

Cost per book

cookbooks price list

story book price list


Please feel free to download the following information to help make your project a success.


Who are you?
We are an established company experienced in school fundraising projects.

Why should we choose “My Book Project” over any other company?
We produce products of excellent quality at very competitive prices which parents will want to buy….it's as simple as that.

If we want to run a book project, when do we need to book?
The great thing about a My Book Project is they can be done all year round - Phone us now!

How much does it cost to run a project?”
Please see our products and prices, these are the costs you will pay us for each book. You are then free to set your selling price to parents with the profits going direct to you - No hidden costs.

How much can we expect to raise?
It’s entirely down to your selling price and quantity of books ordered. An example could be 100 full colour cookbooks containing 50 pages will cost £375 (100 x £3.75). If you sold at £6 per book you would make £225.

How long does a project take approximately?
Steps 3 and 4 take approximately 2 weeks from start to finish depending on how soon the final proof is signed off.

When can we schedule one of your projects?
You can run a project during any school term if a slot is available. Just remember to allow enough time to collate the information.

What can we have on the cover
You decide - We would recommend you include the School name, emblem, address and perhaps a nice colourful picture that one of the children has drawn or we can design something for you.

How many words should there be?
We would recommend no more than 500 words for the short stories.

How do we get the completed artwork to you?
The copy for the inside pages must be typed up and emailed to us in either a Word, Text or PDF document, original artwork should be posted to us via recorded or special delivery.

What are we supplied with?
Each organiser is supplied with resources to get the parents & teachers support and run the project, this includes:

1. An information sheet for teachers outlining the chosen project and how it works.
2. A letter publicising the Book Project.
3. Posters promoting the project to display around school.
4. Guidance notes.

How is payment made?
Once the finished books have been delivered we will issue a final invoice that can be paid via cheque, BACS or credit/debit card.

Does the original artwork get returned?
Yes, with the completed orders.

Copyright, is this a problem?
Please note that due to copyright My Book Project cannot reproduce pictures from books, magazines, leaflets or the internet without permission from the owner of the image(s)/photograph(s). This also applies to images/photographs with a watermark or any low res images/photographs downloaded from an online photo gallery. If in doubt, please contact My Book Project before sending in the artwork.

Can we claim the VAT back?
There is no vat on the prices of our books as books are zero rated items.

OK, we want to do it. How do we book a My Book Project for our school?
Call us today on 0845 408 5194 or email: to schedule your Project.

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